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Meet Jo

Jo and the boys

Since 1993, I’ve been totally obsessed with painting en plein air and can hardly get enough of capturing "tree love" in paint. When I can't be outside, my happy place is in the studio.  Regardless of where I paint each piece is like an entry in a journal.  I remember where and when I painted it and everything about the atmosphere I felt there.

’m always looking for the next opportunity to translate what I see and experience into art--be it gardening, hiking, exploring or just life at home, but most of all I like to paint with friends.

Recently, I formed a Plein Air painting group through the Hazleton Art League to bring together artists from the area, painting local scenes weekly.  It has been very well received and popular.  We now have 27 members! This past November we had our first group exhibit with more to come.

 If my work speaks to you, I’d love to share it.  Keep in touch.

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